Please Read our Rules

As all products are digital and available upon payment, we do not offer refunds on your purchases.  If you have a problem with one of your purchases such as downloading your product, please send us a message using the Contact Us link and we will work something out.

Please read  about the kits be for you purchase them. Since these are digital you have to have a program to open these items.

Remeber that we all are on a different time frame. We are Eastern time. I also work a full time job...So please give me time to get back to you.


  • Are not allowed here and should you reverse a charge without our approval you will be banned from the store no questions asked.  Also if we are notified by another store you are doing chargebacks you will be banned from our store as well.



  • Our Designer do keep a TOU in there folders in side each kits. Please Follow them!
  • Do not share our kits with no one. If they want one send them to the proper link so they can buy one.
  • I do protect the Designer's here in the store. If I find anyone sharing a kit or scripts and templates or abusing them in anyway..You will be banned from my stores in all ways. IP address and user names.


  • We Want everyone to enjoy there time shopping here and able to come back as often as you like for a  lot more goodies. 
  • Thank you for understanding and taking the time to read.
  • Have a great day! 



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